from books…

September 23, 2010

i get so many books from the multnomah county public library that i sometimes think myself to be a book hoarder. i hope this isn’t true. i’ve been taking them back a ton more expeditiously as of late.

i couldn’t let these go back without sharing some of my favorite images with you…

and the kitchen that goes with this…


so, since i recently got a scanner, i decided to go pull some files from the basement. one of them was my trip i took to france in may of 2004. that’s where i saw the schiaparelli exhibit.

i designed and made a wardrobe to take with me that spring. below are the illustrations, front and back, of that wardrobe.

i didn’t make all of them, but i still wear some that i did make.

i did sketches when i was in the museum of elsa’s designs that i had not seen in any of the books i had read about her.

i also picked up some postcards. why i haven’t framed some of these, i do not know.

my program and souvenir.

theatre de la mode.

February 26, 2010

this is from the theatre de la mode. theatre de la mode means ‘theater of fashion’. these 1/3 scale mannequins went on a tour of the world starting in 1946. they were designed by fashion designers, sculptors and set designers in paris in an effort to maintain the city’s reign as fashion capitol post ww2. these mannequins are on permanent exhibit out in eastern washington at the maryhill museum in goldendale.